Birthday Safety

At Party Zone, your child’s safety is always our first priority.

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go We take every precaution to make sure that all birthday fun is safe birthday fun. Our birthday party staff is specially trained to make sure all bday party activities and games are organized safely and that children all know how to follow the rules, stay safe and injury free before they even begin playing. Anything that looks unsafe is stopped immediately and children are re-directed toward another activity that is safe and fun.

Rules are just a necessary part of games and birthday party safety. They ensure that everyone gets a chance to participate in the birthday party fun, and stays safe while doing so. At Party Zone, we have rules too, like making sure that children take turns, don’t use any offensive language, and are nice to their friends. You don’t have to ever worry about letting your children know the rules, because our staff will do that for you.They are trained to organize all of our exciting games and activities, and to communicate with children so that they always know the rules, play nice, and have fun during the birthday party.